The Silver Sea;. A vast ocean ripe with adventure that calls out to the good-hearted seafarer and ruthless brigand alike to seek treasure and riches beyond imagining.

Its mainland nations, Solana, Ajagar, and Rodanya, have long vied for control of the islands that litter the land, first simply fighting each other in border skirmishes, then breaking into all out war 26 years ago. The fighting only ended after the volcanic eruption of firestone island, a hotly contested dwarven society who traded with all three nations, devastated the warring fleets and completely annihilated all the dwarves living on the island. Believing the cause of the eruption to be the tumultuous battle that occurred within the volcanic mountain city and around the island, the three mainland nations got together and signed the “Del Oro Accord”, A ceasefire stating that all current fighting would stop and that they would not take lands already owned by one another nor instigate war amongst themselves. Relations between nations is still tense, but the accord has made travel between nations possible without threat of death by military grade vessels, making trade a lot easier.

A swashbuckling adventure of pirates and musketeers, players can expect to spend most of their time abroad seafaring vessels, coastal cities, and on unmarked islands with rumors of treasure. Involve yourself with the tense political situation, join a seafaring faction, or go off on your own ship and start exploring.

Sea of Countless Shores